Message from the President

Dear Friends of MPSF Speaker Series,

For over 25 years, MPSF Speaker Series has created opportunities for our subscribers to hear today’s greatest thought leaders in focused, thoughtful presentations at some of the Bay Area’s finest venues.

While our 2015-2016 season was noted for lesser known, very interesting speakers who received almost universal support from our audiences in each location, an exciting 2016-2017 will bring to our stages a group of well-known outstanding communicators, addressing a diversity of topics unequalled in our 27-year history.

At least partially influencing the 2016-2017 Series are the upcoming presidential election and inauguration of a new President – one who will face a myriad of domestic and global challenges. The season opens with former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, who received the most votes on our speaker preference survey, and her thoughts on the state of the world weeks before the election. As we close in on the election, political expert and CNN Political Analyst, Paul Begala, will talk about the campaign and where this election might take us. Following the election, perhaps the foremost presidential historian of our time, Michael Beschloss, will share his view of the outgoing and incoming administrations.

Turning from politics, we will follow in the footsteps of oceanographer Bob Ballard with National Geographic Explorer Paul Nicklen as he illustrates modern day conditions in the Arctic Circle and Alaska from an environmentalist’s viewpoint. Ayaan Hirsi Ali will challenge our thinking with her first-hand experience as a Muslim woman who rejected her religion and now advocates for change in the Muslim world, and Alan Alda will share his experiences from a 50-year career as an actor, author, women’s rights activist and educator. Bill Bryson, one of the most popular authors of our time, will talk about the adventures of an Iowan in England and elsewhere, and Michael Lewis, your number one “write in” choice, and author of Money Ball, The Big Short and other best-sellers will talk about the worlds of finance, sports and current events.

As always, our intention is to continue and enhance our efforts to communicate with you through our post-event and speaker preference surveys, FaceBook postings relevant to our speakers and current events, Twitter, and of course, email. We seek and value your opinions and suggestions and read every post-event survey comment, building your feedback into our programs to the greatest extent possible. If you ever wish to connect directly with our office, please send email to

I look forward to seeing all of you in Marin, Oakland and San Mateo for an inspiring 2016-2017 Series, with insights sure to stir your imagination!


Jim Weil
President and Host, MPSF Speaker Series

"I enjoy the lectures because they present a diverse group of subjects, ideas and information about what is happening in our world today."

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