John Ellis “Jeb” Bush

A successful governor and business, economic, education and health care reformer, Jeb Bush elevates the conversation on addressing challenges facing America today. Bush is a unifying leader who brings civility to the discussion of bi-partisan viewpoints while addressing the key issues facing each audience he meets. He is one of America’s most experienced reformers who led change by inspiring citizens, businesspeople and policy makers. An articulate student of policy, Bush dissects the current political climate by offering fresh insights on the hot-button issues in the news. Committed to a better American future, Bush is the chairman of Foundation for Excellence in Education, a national foundation focused on education reform.

MARIN 2 February 4, 2013 Monday, 8:00 pm
OAKLAND Febuary 5, 2013 Tuesday, 8:00 pm
PENINSULA Febuary 6, 2013 Wednesday, 8:00 pm
MARIN Febuary 7, 2013 Thursday, 8:00 pm

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