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Message from the President


Dear Friends of MPSF Speaker Series,

We’ve just completed a successful season of fabulous speaker events ending with Tom Friedman. The Season was not without its challenges. But we’ve all acquired an adaptive attitude during the pandemic, and made it through – together!

The 2022-2023 season begins in October, as we return to something approaching normal, and it promises to be our best ever. I tell speakers that our audience is composed of smart, curious people who want to learn something. World affairs expert Fareed Zakaria joins us the week of the mid-term election, and former head of NATO Admiral James Stavridis will round out the roster of entertaining and informative events. 

In January, we’ll be joined by former Senator Al Franken, who will talk about his career as satirist and writer. Outer space and the deepest oceans are the great frontiers of our time, and nobody knows them better than Dr. Kathy Sullivan, who spent more time in space than any other woman. Photojournalist and author, Lynsey Addario, will provide a very personal perspective on the people impacted by the conflicts she has covered worldwide the New York Times, National Geographic and TIME Magazine

The season will wrap up with famed neurologic researcher, author, television producer and host of the PBS Series, “The Brain”, Dr. David Eagleman, whose forté is explaining complexities of the human brain to the layperson with fascinating context.

This 33rd Speaker Series season will afford us the opportunity to understand our world from those who have “been there”, a long-serving global combatant commander, an iconic American artist, and scientists who’ve studied humanity, planet earth, and the environment from all aspects. It will bring opportunities to challenge – or reinforce – ideas and points of view. 

It’s going to be fun and I look forward to welcoming you in the theaters this October!


Jim Weil
President and Host, MPSF Speaker Series

"Wonderful series, stimulating, thought-provoking, each month an intellectual bonbon."
"I enjoy the lectures because they present a diverse group of subjects, ideas and information about what is happening in our world today."
"This series is extremely well run and organized in all respects. But the quality of speakers remains the key component to keep us coming back each year. We're looking for speakers that bring unique content that we won't necessarily obtain in our day to day following of news, events, and the world."
"I have been coming to the Speakers Series for years and truly appreciate the selection of speakers. The variety of topics selected is very good also. Thanks so much for all of the work you devote to the production, etc."
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