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MPSF Speaker Series Audiences Say…

“Thank you for all the effort that goes in to this series. It’s always a bit of an effort to get out on a Wednesday night, but like physical exercise, I usually feel better for having attended.”

“I am a political animal but welcome a break from the madness. This was an enthralling evening… More like this in the following season, please… We love learning something new!”

“I think this is the best event available to the Marin public…it is definitely the best and most educational and entertaining I have experienced in Marin!!”

“I continue to be humbled by every one of the speakers you present, yet I feel smarter after hearing each one.”

“I love how responsive you are to the members. I feel like you are truly invested in providing us with what we want as opposed to what works for the organization.”

“This is the first year I have attended, and I have enjoyed every speaker. I can’t wait to see who the speakers are for next year!”

“Thanks for pulling in top speakers addressing top social challenges.”

“You’re doing an excellent job of bringing us a varied and intriguing lineup of speakers. Thank you.”

“Wonderfully educational and thought provoking!”

“I have been impressed with both the quality and choice of speakers in the series this year as well as years past. Another thank you!”

“We always enjoy the series. It is a good thing to invite speakers who are not necessarily of the same opinion as most of the people in the Marin or Bay Area crowd.”

“Thank you for your attitude about who to invite and your respect for the audience.”

“The selection and order of questions following each lecture is outstanding, and so important to the flow of the entire event. My appreciation for your ability to “listen and select” at the same time! Great job each month.”

“Every speaker is interesting. Thank you for your service to our community.”

“…I learned a lot about something I would probably not have made time to investigate as thoroughly on my own. Thank you!”

“This is our first year attending the series. We like everything we have heard so far. The facilities and personnel are wonderful.”

“Thank you for stimulating our minds, making us look at different views.”

“Another great job! This is exactly what we hope for from the Speaker Series.”

“The series is fabulous, every speaker has been excellent (in my mind), your selection could not have been better and we have more to come.”

“Thank you for bringing such a diverse group of speakers to Marin. I am a first time subscriber and am now a fan. Many thanks.”

“I applaud you in your impartial stand to bring diverse speakers to us even if they may be controversial.”

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