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MPSF 2022 – 2023 Speaker Event Schedule

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to hear the speakers on our stellar 2022-2023 schedule. Your subscription covers all seven-speaker events! 

Please note: All live stream dates occur the night of each speaker’s Peninsula appearance.

All speaker events begin at 7:30pm Pacific Time.

Annie Leibovitz
Tues Oct. 11 Oakland
Weds Oct. 12 Peninsula
Thurs Oct. 13 Marin
Fareed Zakaria
Mon Nov. 7 Oakland
Weds Nov. 9 Peninsula
Thurs Nov. 10 Marin
Adm. James Stavridis
Mon Nov. 28 Marin
Tues Nov. 29 Oakland
Weds Nov. 30 Peninsula
Al Franken
Mon Jan. 9 Marin
Tues Jan. 10 Oakland
Weds Jan. 11 Peninsula
Dr. Kathryn Sullivan
Mon Feb. 6 Marin
Tues Feb. 7 Oakland
Weds Feb, 8 Peninsula
Lynsey Addario
Mon Mar. 6 Marin
Tues Mar. 7 Oakland
Weds Mar. 8 Peninsula
Dr. David Eagleman
Tues Apr. 4 Oakland
Weds Apr. 5 Peninsula
Thurs Apr. 6 Marin


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